Google Analytics Setup

Set Up, Configuration, Implementation — whatever you call it, this is where the ninja makes sure that Google Analytics is properly coded on your site and properly configured in the backend. While the configurations that are provided in the tracking code wizard may work for some users, there are a number of scenarios where a more complex implementation of Google Analytics is needed.

Analytics Ninja Implementation Services include:

Subdomain, Cross Domain, and Rollup Tracking.

Does your site ( have a blog that is located at Do you have a shopping cart that is on another domain? Do you have multiple websites and want to track a single visitor as they browse through them all?

Campaign Tracking

Properly tracking marketing initiatives is crucial. Whether you have paid search, display, or affiliate marketing campaigns, link tagging of destination URLs will allow for Google Analytics to accurately report on the traffic you get from these sources. Google Adwords integration with Google Analytics will be done for any client who currently is not taking advantage of auto-tagging.

Goal Tracking and Goal Funnels

What are the desired actions that you want someone to take when they are on your website? Are you tracking them in Google Analytics? Whether it is lead generation, membership signup, user engagement, or an online sale, Goal Set Up is key to improving your ROI. Analytics Ninja will work with you to both determine the best implementation of goal tracking to meet your business objectives.

A Goal Funnel describes the steps that a visitor to your site needs to go through in order to complete the goal. A deeper understanding of your goal funnel can quickly identify areas of weakness on your site. Boost your conversion rate with advanced goal funnel visualization.

Ecommerce Tracking

Do you sell products or services with an online checkout? Ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics provides extremely powerful reporting that will not only let you know how much money you’re making, but will provide you with actionable insights on how to make more.

Advanced Segmentation

To quote analytics evangelist Avinash Kaushik, “Your website’s really a mix of Visitor Sources, Visitor Behavior, and your Desired Outcomes.” As such, he says that “analyzing data in aggregate is a crime.” Setting up advanced segments that are meaningful for your business takes knowledge and experience with web analytics. In particular, it is often times beneficial to create multiple profiles to assist with visitor segmentation.

Is Google Analytics reporting on visits to your site that you or your employees are making? If so, you’ll probably want to filter that out.

Advanced Custom Reporting

While the ‘out of the box’ reports that are available in Google Analytics are quite powerful, getting the most insightful data possible often involves the use of custom reports. Custom Reporting allows users to leverage all of the dimensions and metrics that are available in Google Analytics, and put them together in new, interesting, and meaningful. Reports can also be scheduled for regularly delivery via email.

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