Conversion Optimization

What headline should I use on my landing page?
Which images lead to the most conversions?
Which call to action should I use?
Which promotional text works best?

Google Website Optimizer is a free website testing and conversion optimization tool. The tool works by allowing a business to test variations of their webpages to determine which images, headlines, website copy, or page design elements lead to the most conversions. As visitors arrived at your site, they are divided into different groups who are displayed a different page variation. Using the same technology as Google Analytics, goals are tracked to determine which page variation led to a higher percentage of users taking the desired action (sale, sign up, download, etc).

Google Website Optimizer can be integrated with Google Analytics to provide extremely powerful feedback. In addition to Website Optimizer’s ability to report about conversions, Google Analytics reports on all the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on your site. Using advanced segmentation, Analytics Ninja will be able to tell your which test was truly the winner.

Analytics Ninja has implemented a number of Google Website Optimizer tests, from simple single page tests to complex site wide tests across templates. All tests were carefully integrated with Google Analytics to ensure the most detailed tracking possible. Start using Google Website Optimizer to improve your conversion rates today.

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