Top shelf analytics consultants
Analytics Ninja is a team of experienced analytics experts. We implement, load, prepare, analyze, and present analytics data to empower any size and type of company to exceed its goals.

We specialize in helping organizations to strategically determine their digital measurement needs and then proceed to implement best-in-class deployments of GA and other tools based upon said requirements.
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What we do
Comprehensive evaluation of your current implementation / GA configuration. The focus is on ensuring data quality and reliability.
Proper installation and configuration of Google Analytics is crucial to your ability to make decisions that directly impact your business.
Set Up, Configuration, Implementation — whatever you call it, this is where the ninja makes sure that GTM is properly coded on your site and properly configured in the backend.
GDS allows users to leverage all of the dimensions and metrics that are available in Google Analytics, and put them together in new, interesting, and meaningful way.
You need to understand what your web analytics reports are telling you. You need to find the actionable insights that lie beneath the surface of your reports.
With years of hands on experience, Yehoshua Coren has delivered numerous corporate trainings and is a sought-after international speaker. Audiences enjoy learning from Yehoshua's presentations.
Why companies choose us
  • Industry Experts
    Some of the best minds in the industry bring their experience to your company.
  • Global presence
    Our three continent's team offer round-the-clock service.
  • End to end analytics
    We ensure your success. Strategy, Governance, Implementation, Data Quality Assurance, Reporting, & Actionable Insights. We have you covered.
  • Project management
    over the entire life-cycle. We know how to help your company execute on complicated analytics requirements.

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