Client Testimonials
Chris Doyle
CMO & VP of Marketing at AAA Carolinas
We were struggling managing the complexity of our website, tracking user behavior and understanding site performance. We engaged Analytics Ninja LLC to provide us with an objective assessment of our architecture and deliver sound recommendations to improve the value of our analytics. Yehoshua and team were outstanding partners and are true subject matter experts. With their help, we've made considerable strides in improving our insights. I strongly recommend Analytics Ninja if you are looking to optimize your analytics and get more value out of your data.
Carey Haber
Director, Digital Strategy Development & Performance Marketing at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Yehoshua is one of the brightest individuals I've met in the analytics space. He has the ability to cultivate requirements into fully fleshed deliverables from advanced, custom data layers to full systems integrations across marketing automation & clickstream platforms. He's a diligent, thoughtful partner who always puts clients needs first and is able to take action against goals the client sets forth. I worked with Yehoshua for about five years across multiple web replatforms and custom Google Analytics configurations and would do so again in a heartbeat.
Simo Ahava
Senior Data Advocate and Google Developer Expert for Google Analytics
Yehoshua is one of the rare public figures in the digital analytics circuit who practices what he preaches. His efforts at outreach and education through his blog and his public speaking are only paralleled by his meticulousness and attention to detail in everything he does.

I've always envied Yehoshua because he has the know-how and experience to turn complex data collection and processing setups into actual, actionable reports and insight. There are many of us out there who know how to tinker and code, but only a few such as Yehoshua, who can combine technical mastery with the type of data-informed leadership that growing a business AND helping others do the same necessitates.
Deb Kearney
Web Analytics Specialist at Gartner
Yehoshua's work and professional presence are superlative – he excels in technical knowledge and execution. He is a consummate communicator, able to bridge gaps with developers, stakeholders, project managers and end-users with equal fluidity. Above all Yehoshua cares about outcomes – his investment in our success has been evident from the beginning. His drive to see us realize the most from our investment is ever-present througout the projects he engages on. His humor, patience and persistance and genuine passion for his work make him a true standout in the profession.
Peep Laja
Founder & CEO at CXL
Yehoshua is my go-to expert for any analytics advice / consulting, and has been for years. I've hired him and referred him time and time again. He's a true master with super deep expertise. If you want the best, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire... the analytics ninja.
Melanie B. Richards, PhD
VP, Insights, Planning & Analytics at Teach For America
Our team at Teach For America partnered with Yehoshua for over two years for digital analytics support. During this time, Yehoshua supported us with analytics implementation (including a Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager implementation), analysis, testing and optimization, and reporting. I always found him to be highly technically saavy, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure our implementation was successful, even if the time needed was more than originally anticipated. Yehoshua was also great about suggesting new ways of approaching our digital analytics efforts to ensure we were getting the most out of our work. I would recommend him to any organization in need of a strong technical partner who is very experienced in Google Analytics.
Rosanna Kandel
Ecommerce Global Director of Product Marketing at Boardriders
Yehoshua consulted for several of the Boardriders brands (Billabong, RVCA, Element, Von Zipper, Two Seasons etc), for many years and has been an invaluable resource and partner. Project work included account customization, new site implementation and complex problem solving. Sometimes I think he knows more about GA and GTM than Google! He truly gets both technical and business goals and runs a top notch responsive team. I can't recommend them enough.
Cassie Young
VP Marketing at Savored
In a single word, Yehoshua is phenomenal. We first worked together while I was VP Marketing at Savored, when he helped us to configure our Google Analytics in a capacity that was literally game-changing to our understanding of our product efficiency as well as our business. Since then, I have contracted him to do the same for as well as for several other companies where I am an adviser, and will continue to do so in the future.

Yehoshua's key point of difference from other contractors is that he does not simply execute against a directive; rather, he takes your "wish list" and does extensive diligence to familiarize himself with your business and to devise a robust plan of action from there that will far exceed anything you'll come up with on your own. His recommendations are thoughtful, value-adding, and high impact. Further, he's willing to take the time to follow up with you to discuss analysis methods, etc. I cannot recommend Yehoshua's services highly enough.
Erika Murtha
Business Analyst at Zagat
From our first interaction, it was evident Yehoshua was an expert in web analytics with a keen business sense. His ideas and solutions were always expressed clearly and with precision. He provided the right amount of detail making them easy to understand and implement. Yehoshua became my go to person with any question regarding Google Analytics and how to best use it to truly understand our site and traffic. His in depth understanding of Google Analytics proved to be invaluable. He provided expertise on all areas: events, custom variables, virtual pageviews, site search, segmentation, filters, subdomain tracking, third party domain tracking, general set up, and more. With him on board, I was confident there was a knowledgeable resource always available to us. Throughout the year, we frequently brainstormed and discussed problems and solutions.

Not only did his expertise in Google Analytics shine, but his intelligence and understanding of our business and goals did as well. He was quick to offer up various solutions always taking into consideration our business goals and obstacles. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Yehoshua. His demeanor was kind, intelligent, engaging, and professional. I learned a great deal from him, and believe he is an asset to anyone in need of web analytics.
Nancy Northrop
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at Gartner
Yehoshua is a master in analytics engineering. He instinctively takes a 360 view of the business problem so implementation is part of the business strategy and never in a silo. Whenever I was sure we hit a dead-end on an issue at Gartner - Yehoshua never failed to produce a solution. This would happen time and time again to the point where I would point other business units to his expertise whenever a question came up beyond my capacity. In our 3+ years of working together, he has taken the time to help me and my team develop and truly cares about his clients. Moreover, you can ask anyone in the industry - he is a zealous global thought leader and innovator in the analytics community.
Courtney Bethem Phillips
Director of Digital Analysis at Teach For America
We hired Yehoshua to implement technical requirements for which we did not have the in-house skills to do so. He has exceeded our expectations by being a strategic thought partner and really pushing our analytics in new directions. All of his contributions have been hugely appreciated by not only my analytics team but numerous stakeholders throughout our organization who have more insights to drive their business decisions.
Todd Garland
Founder of
Yehoshua knows what he is doing and has the perfect blend of analytical and technical skills which made his integration with our team effortless. He always delivered as promised and we have engaged him for multiple projects. I can't recommend him enough.
Michael Auzenne
Co-Founder of Manager Tools
I have had the pleasure of working with Yehoshua over the past year. As you might expect from someone who calls himself a "ninja", he's a master at what he does. His understanding of Google Analytics runs incredibly deep, yet he has the unique skill of making that knowledge accessible to the uninitiated. His ability to communicate his knowledge in a manner that almost anyone can understand has impressed me greatly. He is hard-working, personable, communicates effectively and consistently demonstrates a concern for meeting the needs of the client, expressed or not.

If you need some with excellent analytics skills, the ability to communicate effectively, an excellent work ethic, and someone who can be counted on, Yehoshua is the best choice.
Lee Goldberg
Co-Founder & President at Happy Cog
Yehoshua's name says it all – He is a true analytics ninja. I've been consistently impressed with not only Yehoshua's understanding of Google Analytics (which is incredibly deep), but also by his ability to break down complex topics into actionable insights that clients and internal team members alike can understand and act on. Yehoshua delivers consistently excellent work on time, to spec, and at budget, and he always goes above and beyond what he has promised. Moreover, he is incredibly personable, communicates effectively with clients, and isn't afraid to roll up his sleeves and really dive in to a project. That he's honest and trustworthy is icing on the cakeThe bottom line: If you are looking to build an Internet marketing "dream team", you want Yehoshua in your starting lineup.
David Mason
CEO of The Knobs Company
Analytics Ninja has helped us identify valuable new opportunities and eliminate unproductive advertising channels. I have been very pleased with the tenacity and professionalism he has brought to our campaigns. I hope to remain a client for a long time to come.
Jonathan Yunger
VP of Online Operations at Hertz Furniture, Inc.
Yehoshua is a dedicated and effective Online Marketing professional. His expert knowledge of Analytics is complimented by his broad and deep knowledge of SEM, especially PPC, SEO and Usability.

Yehoshua's curiosity and technical ability make him an indispensable problem solver; he is always up for a challenge. Yehoshua is a quick study in all things technical and that has helped him effectively manage projects that require interactions with other teams and outside vendors.

Whether he is working on a small snippet of code, completely restructuring a massive PPC account or mashing together data from multiple sources into a single pivot table, Yehoshua never loses sight of the bigger picture and is always keenly aware of the main business requirement, primarily ROI.

Bottom line: Analytics Ninja brings a lot to the table and is an integral part of our continued success on line.
Lev Eliezer Israel
former Chief Tech at Abe's Market
We hired Yehoshua to review our SEO strategy and to review our e-commerce website with an SEO eye. He worked quickly and efficiently, and prepared a detailed report that we are still using to guide our efforts. His knowledge of Google Analytics and the interplay between SEO efforts and Analytics has helped us more effectively monitor our channels and to consistently improve our traffic.
N.L. Berg
eMarketing Boutique
I've worked with the Ninja on a number of marketing projects and I've found his analytics expertise to be invaluable. Not only can he quickly implement a wide variety of analytics tasks but he also has the rare ability to share important insights with others in an easily understandable manner. He combines the talents of an Analytics Ninja with a sunny, likable personality — a winning combination!

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