We're a team
of analytics ninjas
A group of 5 senior, experienced analytics practitioners. We are problem solvers. We each have our own areas of expertise, but are broadly skilled across the entire analytics stack and the entire digital analytics life-cycle. When you work with Analytics Ninja, you will not have any "Junior" or "Associate" level newbies struggling to tackle your problems. You will get the best level of care and expertise. Ninjas Only.
Who we are
  • Founder
    Yehoshua Coren is the Founder of Analytics Ninja. He is one of the most well-respected and well-liked individuals in the analytics industry. He's been working in digital analytics since 2007.
  • Tech Lead
    Timur has unique experience in working with Google Tag Manager, analytics platforms and data analysis instruments.
  • Data Analysis Lead
    Jules has over a decade of experience as a web and digital analyst, providing strategic advice, analytics implementation, and hands-on data analysis.
  • Data Visualization Lead
    Alena specialized in visual presentation of data, have strong design/UI/UX background and understanding of how to work with analytics tools.
  • Operations Lead
    Christopher is an analytics professional and head of operations: he builds and manages your success throughout the analytics lifecycle.
  • Analytics Consultant
    Simon's diverse skills cover the entire data lifecycle, from collection and processing to analysis and visualisation. He provides the best advice thanks to his technical-business acumen.
  • Analytics consultant
    Passionate about analytics solutions answering business & technical challenges. Looker Studio expert.
  • Data Science Lead

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