Christopher Bridges

Operations Lead
The first computer I programmed was a Commodore Vic-20 at my friend's house, and that was a hack so that I could win at a video game. Ever since, it's been an adventure of programming minicomputers, PC's, laptops, and macs.

I happily landed in the analytics industry after a career in semiconductor manufacturing where I designed and coded automation systems, and large scale databases on worldwide networks in C. This was at DEC for about 2 years, and Intel for nearly 16 in software engineering, robotics, and project and engineering management.

After Intel, I became Director of Engineering over Internal Applications at MySpace during the heyday. I found myself drawn to analytics, and was hanging out with MySpace's data scientists who hovered over their near petabyte SQL Server database of user behavior and content. It was there I got hooked on a thing called "Web Analytics". I'd just come from my long stretch at Intel leading teams and developing worldwide factory engineering databases that gathered robotics semiconductor test data in near real-time and made them available within 15 minutes to anyone with a PC. Analytics bridged all of that background into something I instinctively felt connected to on the web.

Following MySpace I launched into what is now a 10-year career in analytics, nearly all with Google Analytics Standard and 360. I was the director of analytics and BI at Outlook, Grindr, and Conversant Media Properties (bought by IAC) where I implemented publishing and marketing analytics tracking and drove GA 360 governance for a bunch of their properties including About, Dictionary, Ask Content, Urban Spoon, Investopedia, and PriceRunner, and ran an engineering team in Shanghai. After IAC I joined Analytics Pros as GM of Analytics for 2 years and it was there that I started hearing about Analtyics-Ninja through a good friend of mine, and the Ninja reputation became known to me. After a time as Director of Analytics Product at INRIX, a vehicle telemetry and roadway analytics company, I left to do my own analytics consulting full time, and haven't looked back.

Joining Analytics-Ninja in October of 2018 was the best move I've made and I'm continuing to be joyful working with our great team, the deep work we provide, and our interesting spread of clients and analytics challenges. I lead our Operations, and also provide Analytics consulting.

I'm degreed from the Eller School of Business at the University of Arizona in Management Information Systems and today I find myself still drawing from that degree choice.

In my other life, I'm an artist/painter and an amateur blacksmith, living in the Old West in Phoenix, Arizona very happily near my parents, brother and sister, and my partner with her two daughters and a 6' tall emu.

Life is exciting, and most of all, I'm fascinated to meet and learn about you and your business. Bon jour!

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