Yehoshua Coren

Hello. Welcome to my web page.

I started working with Google Analytics in 2007. At the time, I was a PPC Manager for an online retailer and found GA to be a great tool to optimize PPC campaigns. I then moved to a school furniture company where I used analytics quite a bit more, building out my skill set and competence.

I founded Analytics Ninja LLC in 2010. Initially, the majority of work was implementation and technical troubleshooting. Now we provide implementation, reporting, analysis, and training services to organizations of all sizes. I generally like working with mid to large sized businesses as I enjoy tackling complex problems and moving the needle for companies.

I enjoy being an active member of the digital analytics industry, and have spoken at a range of different marketing and analytics conferences throughout Europe, North America, and Israel including eMetrics (now Marketing Analytics Summit), Superweek, CXL Live, SMX, Digital Elite Camp, Marketing Festival, inOrbit, and Google Analytics User's Conference.

I am humbled to be looked up to as subject matter expert in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and enjoy teaching / training others. I do note that as my career has grown and developed, I see that the most important parts of a successful analytics practice are centered around strategy and communication, and fair less about tool expertise.

I am married (since 2002), and live in Jerusalem, Israel with my wife and our 5 children. I am an ordained Orthodox Rabbi and love studying Torah even more than I love analytics (which says a lot). Please feel free to follow me on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn. I'll likely ignore any Facebook "friend" requests, but don't worry, it's nothing personal.

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