Analytics Audit

Do you have Google Analytics configured correctly?

Are you sure that your data is accurate?

Are you collecting the information you need?

In order to make key decisions for your business, it is critical to make sure you are basing your decisions on accurate data. In addition to having reliable data, you want to make sure that your data is both relevant and actionable.

The Google Analytics Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your current implementation / GA configuration. The focus is on ensuring data quality and reliability. One of the main objectives of the audit is to provide your company with “peace of mind” as it relates to data quality. This is done by identifying core problems in your GA installation and configuration, should they exist, and confirming proper functionality in a checklist of areas should no problems exist.

Getting an Analytics Audit will make sure that you are getting accurate and relevant information from your Google Analytics implementation.

Get Audited by a Google Analytics Ninja

The Google Analytics Audit includes:

  • Page tagging / Javascript Review.

    1. This makes sure that the actual code of the tracking script is configured correctly, with appropriate plugins enabled. If your site is using Google Tag Manager, we will make sure that the GTM configuration is optimal. We’re recommended by others for our GTM expertise.

  • Domains, Sub-domains, Cross-domains… OH MY!

    1. Improper configuration of GA is a common pitfall that will clobber your marketing attribution. Google Analytics requires special configuration to deal with subdomain and cross-domain tracking scenarios. This is mission-critical to get right.

  • Google Analytics Account / Property / View Structure

    1. Large websites and multi domain sites, in particular, may require a more than one Web Property ID and/or multiple Views. We will look at the current GA Account structure and make recommendations.

  • Campaign Tracking Accuracy / Proper URL tagging.

    1. Proper marketing attribution is dependent upon a good campaign tagging strategy. We’ll look at your Acquisition reports to determine if improvements in campaign tagging are needed.

  • Review of Goals (and Funnels) — The desired actions a person takes on your website.

    1. We oftentimes see Goal Configurations that are an absolute mess. Goals measure key business performance metrics in Google Analytics. Proper goal configuration (including funnels) is critical to make the most out of GA. We will evaluate the current goal setup and make suggestions for improvements.

  • Internal Site Search Configuration

    1. Internal site search reports provide a wealth of information as it relates to user intent. These actionable reports need proper configuration on the “code level” as well as in the GA Admin.

  • View Settings & Filters

    1. View settings include URL Query Parameter exclusion, Bot Filtering, Adwords integration, Filters etc. Properly configured views are critical for having “clean”, useful data. Oftentimes, Content Reports are ‘fragmented’ and unusable due to poor URL structure being recorded en masse by GA. Thoughtful use of Advanced Filters can greatly improve GA data quality.

  • Ecommerce Tracking Review

    1. If you sell products on your website, you better make sure that your ecommerce is accurate. We’ve worked with dozens of web shops and have seen a wide range of issues, making Analytics Ninja well suited to help you.


      Quick turnaround, great results, really helpful walk-through of the audit. Overall a very easy and useful experience.
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