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Why Hire an Analytics Ninja for your Online PPC Management?

Pay per click campaign management can take a lot of time, especially if you don’t really know what you’re doing. Not all advertisers will know how to choose the best keywords to target, how to navigate the interface, or how to analyze performance. It’s more productive to hire a PPC management expert to handle paid search campaigns. In particular:

  • Running a PPC ads without Google Analytics is like driving at night without your headlights on; sure, you can do it — but it isn’t recommended. 😉

  • The Ninja leverages his expertise of Google Analytics to manage and optimize Paid Search campaigns, as well as create clear, meaningful reporting for the you, the client.

  • The Ninja knows how to do keyword research and will choose the best keywords based upon your desired bid level, how often the terms are searched for, and potential ROI.

  • The Ninja is an expert in keyword match types and analyzing raw search query data to find new keywords as well as save you money by adding negatives and ‘trimming the fat’ off existing keywords.

  • The Ninja has experience with both small, medium, and large accounts — ranging from a few hundred dollars of month of spend to over $100K per month.

  • You probably don’t have the time or expert skills to effectively run your own PPC account. Go to the podiatrist if you need some help with your feet. Go to the Ninja if you need some help with your Paid Search advertising.

There are a lot of companies out there that do PPC. There are fewer companies that do it well. And there are fewer still that are also experts in Google Analytics. Choose Analytics Ninja for top quality Paid Search Management services.

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