This Google Analytics Ninja seems to have saved the day and spotted a problem with code implementation for a friend’s WordPress blog.  (Well, a friend of a friend, but I guess it is about the same thing).

On July 20th, I was approached with the all too common, “I believe that I”ve configured Google Analytics properly, but it isn’t working!” problem.

I took a look at their source code, and I spotted an extra space.

analytics tracking code with a space2

Google Analytics Isn't Tracking – problem

I thought to myself, “hmm… how did that space get there?”  In the WordPress backend, I confirmed that indeed a space was the culprit.

Google Analytics Isn't Tracking - Fixed

Google Analytics Isn't Tracking – Culprit

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would have caught that problem just by looking at the Analytics for WordPress plugin configuration page.

Shortly thereafter, we were able to see GA tracking properly.

Proof of Success

Proof of Success

Action Item:  Check your source code for any unwanted spaces.

Extra note: this can be the culprit for e-commerce tracking issues as well.