Web Analytics Basics – Conversion Tracking & Segmentation | SphinnCon 2011

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at SphinnCon 2011. I’m sure that anyone there would agree that this year’s conference was really great.  Big thanks to Barry Schwartz for putting it together. Below is a copy of my presentation together with a screencast I put together for anyone who couldn’t make it (or would like to review). 🙂 Enjoy!

Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)

I finally got around to taking the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam…

My results are here:

Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)

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The Analytics Slice and Dice | The Importance of Segmentation Part I – SEO

Segmenting traffic in Google Analytics (or any other web analytics pacakge) is key for any analyst who is looking to get the most out of their data.  I have seen far too many businesses look at their analytics data in the aggregrate, without taking advantage of multiple profiles, advanced segments, or advanced filters.  The “slicing and dicing” of data that can be done in Google Analytics can really provide a tremendous amount of insight into one’s online marketing efforts – be they SEO, PPC, or Social Media.

The following series of brief blog posts highlight some real client cases that provide you some tips about how to segment your traffic in different ways (and “why” you should be doing it).

Segmentation & SEO

I was doing an SEO review for a client recently who was interested in getting the most ‘bang for their buck’ from there SEO efforts.  In particular, they were interested in knowing which terms should they be spending their time (=money) working on internally and outsourcing to SEO firms.

So my question was, “how have your SEO efforts been performing to date?”

Their answer: ”Pretty good.  Traffic seems to be going up.”

Organic Traffic - Unsegmented

Organic Traffic

This was true.  Their traffic was going up.  But which traffic?  Branded searches?  Non-branded searches?  I knew that they were doing some marketing recently and that there has been some good buzz about their brand name.  The quickest way to get a sneak peek at branded and non-branded search terms, is to filter by keyword at the bottom of the page.

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Analytics for Eye Doctors

I recently started working on PPC and Analytics for a new launched website.  In this case, it is an Optometrist in Lincoln, NE.  I’m particularly interested in knowing if anyone has any bounce rate benchmark information for medical practice sites.  Please comment below if yes.  It seems to me that many private practices could greatly benefit from a knowledge Analytics expert.  I’ll keep everyone in the loop as to how this newly launched site is panning out.  I’ll even probably share some groovy charts.

Conversion Funnel Analysis – Abandonment Rate by Time of Day

One report that I find extremely useful in the Goals Section is the Conversion Rate Report.  In a moment, I’ll explain how a quick export of data from the Conversion Rate Report can provide valuable insight into one’s abandonment rate.  But first, a quick intro into conversion rates, abandonment rates, and conversion funnels.  In general, I assume that my readership is relatively erudite in Google Analytics.  So if this next paragraph is below your level of expertise, feel free to skip ahead.  That said, I believe it is worthwhile for all us out there who are trying to be successful on the Internet to get back to the basics and remember the fundamentals.

Fundamental #1 –>  It’s all about conversions.

Really.  It is.  Especially when it comes to e-commerce.  There are soooo many people about there who are still interested in how many people come to their site.  But if they aren’t taking the desired action(s) that you would want them to, then most likely you’re wasting time and money.

Take a step back.  Take a deep breath.  And say to yourself, “what do I want people to do when they come to my website.”  The answer(s) should be easy.  Lead generation?  (Filling out a form).  Signing up for an email list?  Online purchase?

Once you define your goal and properly configure it in the settings section, you’re ready for the next step.

goal setup

But before we get there….

Fundamental #2 –>  Lowering Abandonment Rate is the best way to increase conversions.

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Google Analytics Goals & Bounce Rate

Proper configuration of Goals in Google Analytics is a critical to the ability to make good business decisions.  Especially for those of you out there spending money on PPC, in order to make the best return on investment possible (and stop wasting your money), properly set up goals are a must.

In my humble opinion, Conversion Rate and Bounce Rate are two of the most important key performance indicators (KPIs).  As you can see below, when I configured Goal Conversions for a client, I was able to make the types of decisions necessary in their PPC account to drive conversions up and bounce rate down.

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Advanced Segments to Track Conversion Funnels

Understanding your conversion funnel is one of the keys to finding the best ways to improve your conversion rate.  The first thing to do is to identify which part of your funnel needs fixing.  For example, are people abandoning in the shopping cart?  Somewhere else in the checkout process? Continue reading Advanced Segments to Track Conversion Funnels

“Google Analytics isn’t working!” – A possible fix.

This Google Analytics Ninja seems to have saved the day and spotted a problem with code implementation for a friend’s WordPress blog.  (Well, a friend of a friend, but I guess it is about the same thing).

On July 20th, I was approached with the all too common, “I believe that I”ve configured Google Analytics properly, but it isn’t working!” problem.

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Let Google Analytics run a Search Query Report for Yahoo PPC

There are a lot of things that bother me about Yahoo Search Marketing.  A LOT.  If anyone from Yahoo out there reads this blog, please pass on this piece of advice to your supervisors –> copy Google.  DO WHAT THEY DO.

*Sigh*  I’ll vent more frustration about Yahoo later.  There does happen to be, however, one or two areas that Yahoo is superior to Adwords, imvho.  Today’s post is about one of them:  Tagging.

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Segment by Match Type in Google Analytics

This is one of my favorite advanced segmentations. I often times find myself frustrated by the fact that keyword match types are all mashed together and reported as one keyword. Indeed, as far as I am concerned, they are three different keywords. For example, in Adwords


will have different CPCs, different average positions, different conversion rates, but in Google Analytics I only see


With one bounce rate, one conversion rate, one average pages per visit, etc.

Since I’m bidding and paying different amounts for different match types, I treat [podiums] differently than “podiums”. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could natively segment this in Analytics?

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